Azealia Banks Shows Off Bedazzled Nail Art, iPhone Case

Azealia Banks WAH Nails

Azealia Banks on Jan. 31.
Photo: Courtesy of WAH Nails' Tumblr

We're not gonna lie—we follow every step of Azealia Banks' life so closely in hopes that we'll never miss a fashion-filled moment. Recently the rapper performed at Karl Lagerfeld's house (and scored a sweater with his face on it!), dropped a new track at Mugler's runway show, and did a V magazine shoot with THE Nicola Formichetti. While hanging with Lady Gaga's right-hand man, Az got chummy enough with Nicola that he handed over his RIDIC pink bedazzled iPhone case with a 3-D bunny on it! Nicola was notorious for tweeting pics of himself with the ultra-glam case, and we think he's since replaced it with a sassy sunglasses cover. But now that Azealia has her hands on the most decked-out phone of all time, she knew she needed some killer nails to match.

Azealia has been spending a lot of time in London, so she made a stop to one of our most favorite nail art places across the pond—WAH Nails! She got a mishmash of adorable designs ranging from yellow smiley faces to purple leopard print. To top it all off, she added gold studs to each nail for a totally badass look that we are LOVING. For her outfit, she sported a red leopard-print turban with a black and white tribal print tee and thick-knit cream sweater. We love Azealia's colorful nail art, and we can't wait to see what WAH Nails (and Azealia) will show us next!

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