Kanye West Is Showing At Paris Fashion Week Again

Kanye West is confirmed to show at Paris Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

BIG NEWS. Kanye West is showing another collection at Paris Fashion Week! According to today's WWD, West will return to Paris to show his namesake collection, KANYE WEST (it's just his name, y'all, let us never, ever in a million light years evahhh make the mistake of calling it "Dw" again), at 9:30 p.m. on March 6. Even though it will not be on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar, it will run on the sidelines of the shows. As you might remember from his Paris fashion debut last year, Yeezy was nervous and the fashion critics were harsh, but we're glad to see him pulling through to give it another go whatever the case. You might also be familiar with the fact—per his triumphant Twitter rant—that the KANYE WEST collection had no financial backing or PR as of a few months ago, so the future of his foray into fashion design remained uncertain.

But, ladies and gentlemen, the power of #DONDA has seen him through! KW is back and, hopefully, better than ever with his new creative conglomerate company crowdsourced and powered by anyone who might have emailed that Gmail address he tweeted on that fateful rant of a night. We're hoping he's put together a winning team of enthusiastic (and talented) peeps who will help make his dreams of being a real designer to contend with come true. We're also mega jazzed to see if there will be anymore sweater heels, jetpack fur bags, mixed silk trousers, and snarling dog jackets that may or may not have been slightly derivative of a certain Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt, but that's neither here nor there. We LOVE and BELIEVE in you, Kanye. Get up there and show Paris whatcha got!

{via WWD}

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