Beyonce, Katy Perry, And Rooney Mara Have Great Shoe Game

Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Rooney Mara have great shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Shoes, y'all. They cradle your feetsies. They keep you balanced. They're your pedestrian chariot to and from home/office/class/gym/every place. They do a lot of hard work. But they're not all function and brass tacks, nor should they be regarded as such, a refrain evidently held true by footwear fashionistas Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Rooney Mara. Shoes are the one accessory you absolutely HAVE to wear each day, no excuses, and they quite literally finish off an outfit—the cherry on top to your ice cream sundae of an ensemble. Granted, sometimes circumstances call for more subdued/conservative fare, but when the situation allows for it, we're all about some peeper-popping footwear. That's why, each week, we gladly applaud the good work of the ladies who do it right (e.g., Miss Knowles, Perry, and Mara). LEGO!

Beyoncé made her first post-pregnancy appearance just last night and held nothing back in the sartorial department for the occasion. Her ruched ALICE by Temperley dress was accented by gobs of gold and sapphire and these gorgeous embellished Christian Louboutin heels. A thicker heel gave way to a larger canvas for full ornamentation all along the back of these regal shoes.

Katy Perry went for athletic chic for her appearance at Super Bowl XLVI with her spirited nonpartisan outfit, all the way down to her Marc Jacobs sneaker wedges. Unwilling to sacrifice fashion for football, she struck middle ground with the hybrid kicks, and kept her team loyalties under wraps with the mismatched red and white, a ballsy move. *tip of the hat*

Rooney Mara's black peep toe sandals seem like standard red carpet fare at first glance, but soak them in, and you'll see what makes these heels special. Along with the cutesy laser cut tear drop motif (we are SUCKERS for anything laser cut), these feminine shoes have a stealth shrunken platform that makes the shoes THAT much more interesting and covetable. Well done.


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