Christian Louboutin's Capsule Collection Includes A Capsule Bag

christian louboutin capsule bag

Christian Louboutin's "Pilule" bag from his new Capsule Collection.
Photo: Christian Louboutin on Facebook

When it comes to shoes, Christian Louboutin is king. His sky-high confections regularly trod Hollywood red carpets, not to mention tip out fashion editors worldwide. Here in New York, it's impossible to stroll past either of his uptown or downtown boutiques without stopping to peek at the dazzling creations in the window (nor the droves of ladies inside trying them on). And after 20 glorious years in the business, he is launching a Capsule Collection of handbags. Yes, aside from designing beautifully made shoes, often with a touch of whimsy (who can forget those insane paw and hoof shoes he created last year?), Louboutin also constructs jaw-dropping handbags that toe the line between nighttime chic and flamboyant statement. With this new Capsule Collection he has topped himself by introducing a super fun and totally meta "Pilule" bag, which is in the shape of an actual capsule.

Shaped like a prescription pill capsule, the handbag is a shiny blue and white cylindrical shape complete with "500 mg" stamped in red. Hilarious yet functional with a crossbody silver chain, we can see this bag being worn by someone who doesn't take herself too seriously. Personally, I think it would be amazing if someone toted this on the red carpet, or if Louboutin transformed it into a clutch for someone bold to carry with her to the Oscars with some sort of craymazing gown...just to change it up a bit, y'know? The rest of the Capsule Collection is hardly tame. There's an "Artemis Paris" bag with a black studded body and full 3-D Parisian skyline on the shoulder (perfect for Lady Gaga) as well as a black and white toile "Newspaper" clutch that is very Valentine's Day-friendly. All in all, the collection is full of Louboutin's signature wit and OMG-look-at-THIS drama, and we hope we get to see someone poppin' this capsule on some sort of carpet soon.

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