Diplo, Skrillex, And A-Trak Get Dapper For 'Billboard'


Diplo, Skrillex, and A-Trak on the cover of 'Billboard' magazine.
Photo: Justin Stephens/'Billboard' magazine

Electronic dance music gods Diplo, Skrillex, and A-Trak cover the latest issue of Billboard magazine, and, well, we're a little swoony. First of all, we're super into the fact that electronic music is having its fair share of attention these days, and that it has been catapulted to the forefront of popular music again thanks to pioneering DJs and producers like these fine fellows. At a time when the way we discover music—let alone the way artists release it—is forever changing, it's refreshing to see what was often considered a subculture scene find its way to the more mainstream. Also, these three gentlemen have several Grammy Award nominations between them. Oh, and they're seriously stylin'. Let's break down this mega blazer-slash-varsity-jacket-slash-scarf action bizness because, BOY, are we're feeling it.

OK, you might already be familiar with Diplo. Aside from being around the block a few times where fancy photo shoots are concerned (hi, GQ turtleneck model extraordinaire), Wes Pentz (aka his real name) is responsible for M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes," his own digital dancehall outfit Major Lazer, as well as his own super successful label Mad Decent. He's also known for being a totally dapper dude. What we see here in the Billboard shoot is an amalgamation of his usual sharp suit jacket and T-shirt combo (though he's not afraid of the occasional tie), and we like it with the dark pants and well-coiffed hair. In short, if guys want to know how to get their style on, they should refer to this man.

Both Skrillex and A-Trak are also known for their distinct looks. Skrillex, of course, has a signature hairstyle (obvs) and large-frame glasses that make him stand out, but he also kits himself out in dark noir ensembles that are in keeping with his "weird music" sound. "I never would've thought that would ever happen in my whole entire life, ever, because of the music I make," Skrillex tells Billboard about the Grammy nominations. "I still don't understand. I play in Las Vegas and there are guys spending $50,000 on tables to see me." In the photo shoot, he wears a black varsity jacket, which is very on-trend at the moment, with a shirt and tie, something we wouldn't normally think he would wear. (Skrillex later tweeted , "I'm going to steal this fancy tie!") As for A-Trak (aka Alain Macklovitch), the guy oozes suave with that five o'clock shadow and a tendency to wear hats, and we're so down with dudes in chapeaus. The creator of Duck Sauce mega-hit "Barbra Streisand" is giving us serious stare-face in this photo, and our eyes can't help but zoom in on that bright red scarf, which we'd like to borrow. He tells Billboard, "It's a time where all of us are able to rewrite the rules. There is a captive audience, and it's hungry. It's our time to be creative in how we feed it." Nom nom nom.

{via Billboard}

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