Thoughts On Justin Bieber's New Proactiv Commercial

Justin Bieber surprises a fan in new Proactiv commercial.
Photo: Courtesy of Proactiv's YouTube channel

Have you seen Justin Bieber's new commercial for Proactiv yet? The one that quickly reminds you of his intermediate period of Jimmy Neutron hair betwixt his sandy blonde and chestnut brunette eras of swooped bangs? You know, that brief period of steampunk and band jackets? Well, it looks like pop's current golden boy managed to fit in a few shoots with skincare line Proactiv in between promoting a Christmas album and smooching his girlfriend. In the official new commercial Biebs drops by some fans' houses to hand-deliver a year's supply of the face-clearing formulas. (ADFKLAGJDFGLL!!!!!!!!!) *deep breaths*

After purging all of my burning fomo from being excluded from this superfan surprise PLUS practical gift, I can begin to rationalize this situation with a level head. First of all, as much as I would genuinely love for Le Bieber to happen upon my doorstep some fine afternoon, I would never, ever in a bazillion trillion years want a full camera crew to capture that moment on film. I can tell you right now, it would be an unsightly mess of running mascara, a sudden give-way of my knees in disbelief, and guaranteed hyperventilating in a way that would spark TYPHOON-caliber waves of secondhand embarrassment over all those unlucky enough to be watching it unfold. Also, it would last FOREVER.

Behind-the-scenes of Justin Bieber's Proactiv shoot.
Photo: Courtesy of Proactiv's YouTube channel

On the B side, I would definitely love to be gifted a year's supply of Proactiv. I mean, who wouldn't want a product for which Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, AND Justin Bieber all tout magical clearing powers? Also, to keep receiving this three-part skincare system for free for a YEAR? It's one of those perfect gifts because Proactiv is the kind of luxurious necessity you hardly think about procuring for yourself.

And no, you're not crazy if you think it's even just the teensiest bit, erm, offensive to get/give acne treatment as a gift. I'm pretty sure I would be a little scandalized if anyone, EVEN Lil' Biebs, handed me a swag bag of the stuff unannounced and for no particular holiday/reason other than to save me from my blemishes. But the partnership of Bieber and Proactiv is all about convincing people to nip these problems in the bud, or to get over the private embarrassment of acne and, y'know, be proactive *ba dum tsh*. So the gift wouldn't necessarily imply, "Hey, Pizza Face. I thought you could use this," but rather, "Hey girl, I just want to help you keep your face clear and beautiful." Or at least that's what Justin Bieber's tweed waistcoat and twinkling eyes are having me believe. As if the two-and-a-half minute-long commercial weren't enough, Proactiv also uploaded a grip of behind-the-scenes exclusives to its YouTube channel, and of course there's always the vintage Bieber Proactiv spots. Happy Monday!

Behind the scenes of Justin Bieber's Proactiv shoot.
Photo: Courtesy of Proactiv's YouTube channel

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