Whose Robe Rules More: Cee Lo Or Andre Leon Talley?

Cee Lo Green Andre Leon Talley

Cee Lo Green performs at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Feb. 5, and Andre Leon Talley attends the MET Ball in New York on May 2. Photo: Getty Images

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, *mustache twirl* I have been WAITING for this moment. As you'll know from not one, but two posts from the past year, I am both baffled and delighted (bafflighted?) by Andre Leon Talley's enormous blue fashion tarpaulin that wore him to the Met Gala. The moment I saw Cee Lo Green in his majestic black sequined Givenchy smock I could not WAIT to pose this question to you guys.

Who wore a ridiculously fancy manrobe better? Cee Lo or Andre Leon Talley?

Another question that came up last night during the halftime show, wherein the indomitable Madonna (for the record, I firmly sit on the side that believes the bish BROUGHT IT) threw on the pyro and incited the synchronized bananasness that can only be described as a VERY AMERICAN version of the North Korean Mass Games and Cee Lo (also bedecked out in a GLITTERY band helmet) conducted a troop of gospel singers:

Remember when this dude was in Goodie Mob?

Not really. But Khujo and T-Mo probs do. :(

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