Katy Perry Sports Custom Super Bowl Outfit

Katy Perry Super Bowl

Katy Perry attends Super Bowl XLVI.
Photo: Getty Images

While we were spending our Sunday afternoon haphazardly scraping together whatever sporty elements exist in our closets for an appropriately football themed ensemble, Katy Perry was making the final adjustments on her custom-made Super Bowl XLVI outfit. KP wore a specially made entirely two-sided outfit in an effort to remain neutral: red and white for the victorious New York Giants on her left and blue and red for Tom Brady's New England Patriots on her right.

Katy hit up Indianapolis for Superbowl XLVI as a guest performer for DIRECTV's Super Bowl Saturday Night party. As part of the pre-game festivities, Katy made a point to keep her stagewear neutral, sporting a two-sided jersey + hotpants + knee-highs outfit while slipping in a shout-out or two to Tim Tebow.

She stuck to her nonpartisan motif from the corseted bodycon mini to her patent Marc Jacobs sneaker wedges, but we're dying MOST over that satin half-and-half varsity jacket. On top of its covetably exclusive one-of-one-ness, the rhinestone-embellished, block-lettered "Perry" on the back and zigzag snap placket send the piece over the edge into crazytown levels of garment lust for us. Granted, had we worn this jacket ourselves, we would have felt pretty guilty confining this amazing outfit to a crowded living room sofa only to be slathered in gobs buffalo chicken dip by the end of the night, but that won't stop us from admiring Katy's spirited suiting.

Her supposedly inclusive Super Bowl wear may have had us fooled into thinking Perry was just gracing the stands to see Madonna's halftime show for a while, but we couldn't shake the nagging feeling that this particular shade of blue seemed to skew a little more royal and thereby a little more G-Men. Lucky for Katy, both teams were pretty nearly color-coordinated, so (a) this outfit didn't look totally court jester clashypants and (b) she could feign neutrality before letting her TRUE COLORS shine through...

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