Kristen Stewart Customizes Vans, So Can You!

Kristen Stewart's custom Vans.
Photo: Getty Images/Vans

What's there not to love about Vans slip-ons? They're easy to slide on like *cringe* flip-flops or Crocs but look a bajillion times better. Plus, they go with everything! Take Kristen Stewart, for example. She sported a Marios Schwab nude and black minidress with checkered Vans back in November (above) AND slipped on the sneaks during the 2011 Movie Awards, proving that these shoes can, in fact, be worn with anything. But that's just the beginning! Vans is bringing back its third annual Custom Culture art project, where high schools around the United States can show off their creativity on their own pair of kicks. Joining teens from coast to coast are celebs like Conan O'Brien, Lucy Hale, and (you guessed it!) K Stew to help raise money for educational art programs. But, um, can we get real for a second and look at Kristen's "designed" sneaks?

First off, hahaha! Ohhhh, K Stew. Her tomboy-chic-no-nonsense style is PERFECTLY represented in her customized Vans. All she did was scribble a "K" and "S" on the front of each shoe to give it a grungy, I-was-bored-during-math-class-and-drew-on-my-shoes look. We like Kristen's ballsy and bare-bones approach to shoe design, but C'MON, GIRL. Have you seen the crazy stuff people turn in to this contest? It's absolutely amazing. Ms. Stewart could've tried a WEE bit harder in her shoe customization. I mean, come on, black Sharpie on white canvas? Sighhh. We think Kristen Stewart could've shown off some serious art skills, but we can't get too mad. The thought behind supporting art education across the U.S. is enough to keep us happy, and guess what? You can TOTALLY show her up by entering the contest and designing your own pair. Enter here, but hurry! Participation is limited, and we don't want you to miss out.

{via NYLON}

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