Anna Wintour Sits Front Row At A Basketball Game


Julia Stiles and Anna Wintour attend a Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks Game at Madison Square Garden.
Photo: Getty Images

Fully aware that we're a quote-unquote fashion site, we need to discuss something sports related. You guys, Anna Wintour went to a Knicks game last night. And she sat front row (obvs). Also, she sat as if she was front row at a runway show complete with bold separates (this is the season of vivid color remember?), black heeled boots, her trademark bob and sunglasses combo, as well as a sassy-fresh, arms-crossed, "this is GARISH" pose as if she was scrutinizing the disheveled, sweat-infused uniforms these hard-working athletes were undoubtedly sporting in the second half of the game. But it's kind of awesome, right? I mean, she's the Editor in Chief of Vogue for goodness sake—at a sports event. We're getting shaky just thinking about it. Thus, let's discuss.

For one thing, Ms. Wintour is wearing an orange sweater, and orange is the color of the numbers on the New York Knicks uniforms. BUT she's also wearing a kind of neon red skirt, and red is the color of the Chicago Bulls' uniform (the team the Knicks were playing). Thus, it's difficult to figure out which team she's rooting for, but we'll assume she's silently cheering for her hometown team, the Knicks. But New York really isn't really her hometown considering the fact that she's from the UK, so maybe she's rooting for no one? (I digress.) SHE'S AT A BASKETBALL GAME people! This is so bizarre and fantastic that even Julia Stiles is having to adopt a serious face to keep from self-combusting at the rare occurrence of this oh-so totally random rare fashion bird sighting at a normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill sporting event. Miss Wintour is seated next to her partner, Shelby Bryan, who we must say, is both dapper and down-home. We're totally into the bowtie, jeans, and cowboy boots ensemble with thin-rimmed glasses and perfectly side-swept hair. He looks like he reads Proust but also knows how to lasso a wild filly.

But back to Anna. What is she thinking in this photo? Is she a closet basketball fan? Could she possibly be dreaming up a cover involving basketball-inspired sportswear as ready-to-wear? Is Julia Stiles involved?! Also, what's going on with the upcoming Met Ball in May… will sports stars be invited? (Because that would be AMAZING.) Whatever the case, this week is, as you know, supposed to be all about football (hi, Super Bowl), but right here in Manhattan, the high-priestess of fashion has decreed that no, ohhhh NO, it is most certainly about HOOPS.

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