Lana Del Rey Compromises Fashion For Her Fans

Lana Del Rey before and after her 'Late Show' performance.
Photo: Getty Images

A lot of adjectives have been flung around about Lana Del Rey. From jabs at her performance abilities to plastic surgery allegations, the gangster Nancy Sinatra is certainly suffering through a few growing pains from her meteoric rise to ubiquity. Despite all the shade thrown her way, Lana's debut album Born to Die is No. 1 in eleven countries and counting (hi, hatazzzz) which is likely due to the one-two punch of her infectiously soul-fondling tracks and an uncompromised loyalty to her fans. Say all you want about Lana, but girl is forreal forreal NICE! Exhibit A: comforting crying ladybaby admirers in Paris. Exhibit B: her willingness to become progressively more laden with superfan gifts to the point where her fresh-faced, clean-lined Late Show with David Letterman performance ensemble is distorted beyond recognition.

We're well-aware that we're dramatizing the situation a bit for the sake of FASHUN, but likeeeeee, if girl has a regular stylist, somewhere he/she is crying. I mean, we get it. As an artist, your fans make you. What good is being a performer if no one will listen or watch? It makes total sense, and we loveloveLOVE that Lana spends so much time doting on her legions of Lana-holics. We just... wish she had folded that satin Formula 1 racing jacket and put it away to wear later. With some cigarette skinnies or a bodycon mini or or IDK something less A-line. And that navy New York cap is such a sweet gesture, but the mixed messages of pairing that with nude T-strap heels, let alone an entire ensemble that was constructed without that piece in mind? Well, it hurts our brains a little bit. But at the end of the day, it's not your momentary bag lady look that will matter in the long-run. It's how well you treat the people who support you. And, Lana, you're doing a fantastic job of that, so GURL, you do you. Lawd knows, we've loved it since the beginning.

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