Justin Bieber Takes Style Tips From Lil' Wayne

Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne.
Photo: Getty Images

The big talk around town is that Justin Bieber is hard at work, logging studio hours, and collaborating with legendary producer Timbaland in some way, shape, or form for his forthcoming album. It seems like every other tweet is an update from the recording booth. Each teased with the hashtag #BELIEVE. Each day one step closer to that musical transition from boy to man. His voice is changing. His hair is changing. And yes, even his Kanye reminiscent style is changing. At this juncture of the Biebs' life, he's favoring the sartorial choices of a difference MC: Lil' Wayne.

We noticed the shift almost immediately from that very first instance of WAY pulled up socks. We chalked it up to adolescent experimentation, a kind of "Let's see how much the Pop Wonderboy can get away with" move. But now that he's getting studio visits from Weezy and picking up the board more often between laying down vocals, it's finally had a chance to come together. We finally realized that pop music's Little Prince is totally emulating Young Money with these kooky pushed up sweatpants + high socks moments.

I suppose that, even though we've know a while that Justin is a skateboarder, because we hardly ever saw the dude in action, it was easy to overlook. Now that we're seeing pictures of Wayne and Justin chatting amidst a jungle of quarter pipes, it all makes so much sense. The only question from here is: when will Bieber start dressing like Tyler, The Creator and his Odd Future crew?

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