Nicki Minaj Wears Jeremy Scott In Two Grammy Promos

nicki minaj grammy promos

Nicki Minaj wearing Jeremy Scott in two Grammy Awards promotional videos.
Photo: Courtesy of the Grammy Awards

All we have to say is let the love fest between Nicki Minaj and Jeremy Scott continue! As you know, Miss M is up for wearing anything and everything that falls under the craytastic umbrella, and Señor Scott is the king of the wildest and most magical bazonkerpalooza outfits we've ever seen so, naturally, they're a match made in pink leather heaven. (Remember that purple and orange striped Jeremy Scott cutout dress she wore in Glamour magazine? Yeah, we're still coveting that beaute.) Well, the two have joined fantasy fashion forces again in the form of Nicki M wearing not one, not two, but THREE Jeremy Scott pieces for a commercial with LL Cool J and a nominee interview video both in celebration of the upcoming Grammy Awards which are just two weeks away. Sporting what we'd like to call Happy Cowgirl Playtime Fiesta Fracas Wear, Minaj dons both a red leather bustier with never-ending tassels and a double-layered pink leather cowgirl bra-slash-holster hybrid with pastel pink lips and mile-long lashes. Great Scott, we are so into this!


Looks from Jeremy Scott's spring 2012 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

In the commercial, Nicki and LL talk about how excited they are for the Grammy's and how Nicki's been in love with him since she was a wee baby. He seems slightly offended by this, which is weird, but Miss Minaj gives him a giant peeper stare while maintaining an attitude that can only be described as red leather caliente-ness. To be honest, LL has no business even talking when standing next to this roaring campfire of tessellating fringe tentacles; really, the commercial is allll her… and that bustier from Jeremy Scott's spring 2012 collection. In another Grammy video, Nicki discusses being a nominee and where she is this year as compared to last year. Her hair is bobbed pink in this vid, and her lashes appear to be longer (if that's even possible), and she wears a studded pink leather harness/holster thingee on top of a pink leather bra with black flowers over the nipplage region. It's a swirl of cowgirl cotton candy, and we need to know where she got that gold vampire teeth necklace to go along with it. Hmmmm, rowdy vampire rodeo wear? Now that we'd like to see.

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