Snooki Advocates Something Called A 'Shore Shower'

Snooki takes a "Shore Shower".
Photo: MTV

Faithful viewers of Jersey Shore are looking for a few things when they tune in every Thursday Jerzday at ten o' clock. They want to be transported to a world of duck phones and smush rooms. They want to live vicariously through a group of friends who spends the summer on the beach and in the club. Most of all, they want to be entertained. Specifically by a charming little creature that answers to "Snooki". Well, check, check, and CHECK PLUS for this week's episode as we're so privileged to witness Nicole's grapple with what she's pretty sure is a UTI. Unfamiliar with the term? In Snooki's own words, "It's not Ultimate Tanning Institute ... it stands for Urinary Tract Infection." And the Head Meatball in Charge doesn't stop there with the knowledge bombs tonight. No ma'am, she ALSO introduces the world to a brand new beauty/hygiene regimen: the Shore Shower.

Snooki makes her demands known.
Photo: MTV

In case you don't remember, here's the backstory. It's one of the first nights Snooki isn't spending holed up in the smush room with Jionni, and she's really excited to be getting some QT with her girls. Maybe a little too excited... After a bit of an accident on the dance floor, Snooks bolts to the Ladies' room in search of perfume. Lucky for her, the attendant has a basket FULL of goodies, including a little bottle of body spray. Snooki then proceeds to DOUSE herself from head to toe to, yes, kooka in the fragrant water in hopes of covering up - y'know - other smells. Exactly 21 spritzes later, she deems herself ready to get back to fist pumping with her laydeez. In the words of Miss Polizzi once again, "If you spray perfume and take a Shore Shower, that's still considered a shower."

Snooki found some perfume.
Photo: MTV

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