Why Is No One Talking About Tom Felton's Baby Bun?

Tom Felton Bun

Tom Felton in Miami Beach.
Photo: Splash News

Ladies and gentlemen, one of our favorite Harry Potter stars Tom Felton has, apparently, been sporting a baby bun over the course of January, and no one is talking about it. We cannot figure out WHY people aren't in cahoots over his itty-bitty, cutest-baby-bun-we've-ever-seen ponytail, but we have something to say about it—we're in love. Funnily enough, this comes at a time when "man buns" are making their stylish debut amongst artsy neighborhoods of Brooklyn, and *gasp* are even becoming a trend, according to The New York Times. Typically when we spot a guy in a ponytail, we immediately think, "Whatta creep!" (Well, unless he's European. They have a free pass...on basically everything), but the new days of the man bun bring a whole new feeling to boys pulling their hair back—it's actually kind of cute.

Dudes with long locks need a practical solution to keeping hair out of their face, and sometimes ears just don't work well enough. See: Tom in the above photo. He's obviously partaking in some serious water sport and can't have his hair flailing around while he's out on the open sea. Isn't it only fair that he, too, can pull back his hair like ladies do? We see nothing wrong with it—in fact, we've been in support of the high bun for quite a while now. We only have a couple words of advice, though. 1.) Putting your hair into man bun does NOT replace showering. Greasy hair is no bueno. Ever. 2.) Don't sport the man bun too high, unless you want to look like a samurai. (Jeremy Scott got around this problem by shaving the sides of his head for a punkier 'do). 3.) If you're in a relationship, you're not allowed to wear a bun at the same time as your S.O. because it looks too matchy-matchy. One bun per person, please. And that's it! Go forward with confidence, knowing you're rocking the best buns in town.

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