Trend To Try: Madonna-Inspired Accessories

madonna accessories

From left: Deena and Ozzy bag, ASOS bracelets, Topshop necklace, Bando headband, Urban Outfitters earrings.
Photo: Urban Outfitters; ASOS; Topshop;

As you might already know, the Queen of Pop, aka Madonna, is performing at this Sunday's Super Bowl. This is completely major for the following reasons: A) because she's still performing like a PRO after all of these decades, B) she is going to perform during a football game of all events, and C) she will be debuting a new song off her forthcoming album MDNA that might possibly include assistance from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Aside from all that, we're freaking out about what Madonna's going to wear. Thus, in solidarity, we've been thinking about how we can rock the Madonna look at the annual Super Bowl party. Never ones to go for an all-over costume-y type of affair, we've decided that it's easier to accessorize Madge-style by mimicking her looks of yore and drawing inspiration from her numerous music videos. Thus, here are some Madonna-themed accessories to shine a ray of light on your party proceedings...


Lady M was into crucifixes, stacked bracelets, gigantic bows, and anything and everything studded in the early '80s. We think this Deena & Ozzy Confetti Studded Bucket Bag has Madonna Louise Ciccone written all ovah it. Toss it over a leather jacket, denim mini, and black booties, then accessorize with these ASOS Black and Rhodium Bracelets. Don't be afraid to mega stack them either. (You can never have enough, trust us!) The same goes for double-layering your crucifixes. We particularly like the juxtaposition of the edgier Premium Spike Cross Necklace and Metal Cross Post Earrings with the sweetness of Bando's Big Black Bow Headband, which harkens Madonna's early "Borderline" video.


madonna merchandise

From left: Madonna iPhone case, Delfina Delettrez choker, Love Moschino bag, ASOS gummy bracelets, vintage Madonna pin.
Photo: Madonna Online Store; Delfina Delettrez; ASOS; Salvage Loved Vintage

It's pretty easy to find straight-up Madonna merchandise, too. We LOVE this Madonna True Blue iPhone Skin. If you don't have platinum hair, just toss this in your purse with strong brows and red lips and you're good to go! OK. Are you scratching your heading wondering what in the heck this red leather studded choker necklace with Perspex heart with ant eyes is doing here? It's representing Madonna RIGHT NOW, people. Madge herself wears this very necklace by Delfina Delettrez on the cover of her new album. It might be a little, ahem, fancy fance for your Super Bowl party, but whatever, we're into a little glam with our nachos. The same goes for this adorbs Love Moschino Green Satin Print Bag. That's totally vintage Madonna, right? LOVE. If you're not aware, she was seriously into bracelets in her early days, specifically jelly ones. We suggest you wear a bajillion ASOS Opaque Gummy Bracelets with, perhaps, a Vintage Madonna Pin just to let everyone know that you're paying homage.


madonna lucky star

From left: Bling Jewelry star earrings, Greatlooks lace fingerless gloves, and Topshop plastic sunglasses.
Photo: Amazon; Topshop

You can always go for total mimicry too, which is fun and easily thrown on just for the halftime show. We're OBSESSED with Madonna's "Lucky Star" video and think you should be, too. Watch it for outfit ideas then tip yourself out in Bling Jewelry Star Earrings, Half Finger Wrist Lace Gloves (SOOO '80s Madge), and Topshop Plastic Square Sunglasses.Don't forget to crimp your hair, smudge your eyeliner, and sport a faux beauty mark. You'll be the luckiest (and most stylish) by far.

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