Rooney Mara Lightens Up In Givenchy


From left: Rooney Mara attends "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" press conference and Japanese premiere in Tokyo.
Photo: Getty Images

Rooney Mara is having a moment. Although it's not difficult to fathom her current popularity in Hollywood (and throughout the world) as a result of her dynamic, Oscar-nominated turn in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we all knew this was coming when she was first cast in the film. But even though a rising starlet is suddenly in fashion doesn't mean she's necessarily going to kill it in actual fashion, so we've waited for rampant red carpet trampling to see what kind of style she would slay. Well, we're happy to report she hasn't disappointed! Aside from making our Top Girls to Watch in 2012 list, Miss Mara has been turning it OUT on the low-pile carpets in everything from cutout dresses to darker designer ensembles for her mega press tour. (She's already graced the cover of Vogue too.) But we've noticed that while modern and well-structured, most of RM's color palette veers on the more monochromatic side. Call it dour, sleek, or utterly devoid of color and happiness, but we've been craving a bit of brightness for the fictional Lisbeth Salander. Well, it seems as if she was saving her LIGHT moment for Japan.

Taking her Girl with the Dragon Tattoo press tour to Tokyo, Mara opted for nothing but white ensembles. She attended a press conference at Tokyo Midtown (aka the COOLEST mall on the planet) in fitted black H&M pants, sandal heels, and an undulating Givenchy jacket with a fanciful peplum that brought to mind a single calla lily alone in the night. She then followed this up later on at the film's premiere with a similar sleeveless Givenchy calla lily dress ruffled all the way down to her knees (GORGE) and tipped out in the white version of her black sandal heels worn earlier in the day. It was a day and night version of the same look, which both carried forth a theme and likely allowed her stylist to travel more lightly to Japan. We love that Rooney's bangs are now long enough to wear down or slicked to the side, and we applaud her neutral yet no less pristine makeup game. All we have to say is BRAVO! You've come a long way from those schoolgirl embellished-headband days of yore.

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