We Approve Of Sammi's Childhood Fashion

Sammi Sweetheart Child Fashion

Sammi Giancola on Jan. 26 and her as a kid.
Photo: Courtesy of Sammi's Facebook

All together now: Awwwww! Sammi Sweetheart posted a childhood photo of herself on Facebook yesterday, and we must discuss all the fash happenings in this pic. First off, she's straight-up adorable with her glowing, golden skin and blonde (!!!) hair, but, you guys, look at that ensemble. We. Love. It. She's sporting a black Mickey and Minnie Mouse tee, pink ankle socks, white sneakers, and, uh, liquid leggings! We knew Sammi liked Bebe clubwear, but even as a child? Our minds are officially blown over this baby Bebe fashion. Plus, did you notice that she's wearing all black? Looks a little familiar! Our Jersey Shore girl hardly ever deviates from an entirely ink-colored ensemble even today. We do appreciate the pop of pink in her socks to liven up the look, AND that they match her training wheel cruiser perfectly. Nice!

Her beauty game is cute-yet-completely-practical—she tied her sun-kissed strands up into pigtails so nothing would get in the way of her and the open road, but *GASP* are those bangs?! We never thought we'd see Sammi rocking some face-framing fringe, and we have to say, it kinddd of looks amazing. Of course little Sammi is cute-to-boot without any makeup on and, truth be told, she's still a natural beauty today!

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