Nail Art Inspired By Famous Album Covers

By now, you probably think you've seen every amazeballs piece of nail art under the moon, but even we'll admit there's still SO much out there to explore. Our favorite discovery as of late? Nail designs inspired by some of the most famous album covers of all time! We NEED to talk about these mini masterpieces because, ummm hai, the nail artists deserve some serious props for all their hard work. Check out all music-inspired designs below, but DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any songs that get stuck in your head.


Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures' album cover-inspired nails.
Photo: Courtesy of The Illustrated Nail

Joy Division is, no joke, one of our top 10 bands of all time. To create nail art that would reflect everything we love so much about the post-punk English band—without adding any additional glitz or gaudiness—proved to be a difficult task. Luckily, the talented artists over at The Illustrated Nail PERFECTLY encapsulated every detail of the Peter Saville-designed Unknown Pleasures album and kept true to the band's no-nonsense, melancholy vibe. They used a dark blood-red polish for the base and crisp white for the pulse lines, but the dead-on execution is what really made our jaws drop.


A Tribe Called Quest 'Midnight Marauders' album cover-inspired nails.
Photo: Courtesy of Cakes Creations

A Tribe Called Quest is known for their red, yellow and green-themed album covers and fun, hand-drawn '90s aesthetic, so it's no surprise that Patty from Cakes Creations wanted to recreate their Midnight Marauders cover art right on her fingertips! She used a black polish as her base and hand-painted the red and green wave lines with a DIY feel just like the cover. She added white stick figures and the lyrics "Can I kick it?" on her thumb, which was inspired by their single album art. And, um, can you just LOOK at how amazing that lettering is? *slow clap*


Weezer 'Pinkerton' album cover-inspired nails.
Photo: Courtesy of The Illustrated Nail

The first thing you need to do here is look at Weezer's Pinkerton album cover. (I know, I know, some of you already have it committed to memory, but a refresher never hurt.) NOW look at the nail art above. Eh? Ehhhh? Pretty freaking amazing, huh? The Illustrated Nail killed it again by recreating the album's snowy scene on a tiny nail canvas. The attention to detail is INCREDIBLE (do you see the man in the hat hidden among the houses?!) and the Weezer logo on the thumbs tips everyone off to the music-inspired design. Perfect!


The Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night' album cover-inspired nails.
Photo: Courtesy of The Nail Guru

And now, nail art dedicated to the most famous band of all time—The Beatles! Christina from The Nail Guru HAND PAINTED John, Paul, George, and Ringo's black and white portraits straight from The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night album cover. Christina didn't use stencils, stickers, print-outs—nothing! The painter (and part-time nail artist) used only a brush and paint to create these mini masterpieces on long, yellowish-green nails. Stunning!


Green Day 'American Idiot' album cover-inspired nails.
Photo: Courtesy of Shamshnita Nails

To celebrate the seven year anniversary of Green Day's American Idiot album release, Masha from Shamshnita Nails recreated the black, white and red illustrated cover art on her fingertips. She started off with a black matte Deborah Milano Sense Tech polish for the base, except for on the ring finger. For the hand grenade design, she started with the red first, then white, and THEN the black. One each section has dried, she added the crosshatch detail. Using a thin brush, she painted "Green Day" in all capital letters on the thumb to finish the look, and voilà! The most badass nails on the block.


Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' album cover-inspired nails.
Photo: Courtesy of Julia De Courcy

Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon album cover MIGHT be one of the most iconic of all time, but figuring out a way to make the design work across all five fingertips is one difficult task! Julia De Courcy managed to fit the light-refracting prism quite perfectly on her tips by starting a solid white line and triangular prism on her index and middle finger, and then continuing the rainbow of light across her nails and finishing on the pinky. We love this because it's a relatively simple nail design that carries a HUGE impact. Plus, how many psychedelic nail designs have YOU seen recently? That's what we thought.

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