David Beckham's H&M Super Bowl Bodywear Ad


David Beckham wearing David Beckham Bodywear for H&M.
Photo: Alasdair McClellan/H&M

If you haven't felt your world tilt or had the pleasure of being knocked off your office chair by the semi-nakie nudieness that is David Beckham wearing nothing but his boxer briefs for his new bodywear line for H&M, then I suggest you catch yourself up. Like I've said before, David Robert Joseph Beckham is a CLASSIC. He appeals to both the women (duh) and the soccer-loving menfolk and, really, he's a stand up dude who works hard and loves his family. What's not to (fall in) love (with) here people? The David Beckham Bodywear for H&M collection is a full line of structured men's undergarments due to hit H&M stores on Feb. 2, and the first commercial to mark the launch of the line is set to debut during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday, Feb. 5. But thanks to the fine Swedes of Hennes & Mauritz, we all get a sneak peek of the upcoming commercial to watch-slash-gaze-slash-drool-slash-pass-out over. You guys, we are DYING and are slightly worried at the prospect of collective combustion when this thing airs in its entirety on Sunday.

Set to the song "Please Don't Let Me Be Understood" by 1960s British R&B sensations The Animals, the commercial is shot in defused black and white. The camera pans across Beckham's heavily tattooed man chest, which, we might add, seems to be aging beautifully and with the tint of a finely taut strip of leather generously ripened in the California sun. There are close-ups of his tats (especially one bearing his son Romeo's name), and as he caresses himself—yes, CARESSES with a tender, feather touch—we're also treated to a lingering close-up of his wedding band lest we forget that he's duty bound to Victoria Beckham. We have to mention that the bodywear looks seriously high brow and structured to perfection. These products are the fruits of 18 months of research, and they seem to fit Mr. Beckham in a comfy yet painted-on sort of way that we wouldn't mind all of our dudes adopting into their undergarment repertoire.

We might need to see more, though—in order to FULLY GRASP the fit. I mean, I had to watch the sneak peek quite a few times to get a clear understanding of the waistband alone. What I'm saying is, SET YOUR DVRs for Sunday, folks. The full commercial cannot be missed. Also, if you can make it to London, you might find yourself standing next to one of the gigantic David Beckham Bodywear for H&M shopping bags, which have been strategically placed all over the city.

david beckham hm bag

A gigantic bag ad for David Beckham Bodywear for H&M at Tower Bridge in London.
Photo: Courtesy of David Beckham on Facebook

+ Check out a sneak peek of David Beckham's H&M commerical here!

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