Katy Perry Matches Nails To Blue Hair

Katy Perry matches her nails to her blue hair.
Photo: Getty Images

While Katy Perry's step-and-repeat appearance at a Las Vegas charity event this weekend wasn't our first blue hair sighting for the "California Gurl", it IS the first time we're getting to see these peacock-hued locks under the warm glow of a billion press flood lights. Never the kind of lady to let a detail go unnoticed, KP gave her diligent KatyCats and added bonus, matching her manicure to her freshly dyed hair!

Perhaps she's experiencing the effect of once-latent color urges brought on by her Smurfette voice-over duties. Or maybe Katy's sending the world a secret message that a post-Russell world is actually quite *yodelling* "BluuuuUuUuUuue" (à la LeAnn Rimes). Or maybe she's closet super-fan of Eiffel 65 and only now, more than ten years after their catapult to fame, is she finally able come to terms with it. Who knows, really?

What we can be sure of, though, is while Katy's wedding band is conspicuously absent *pours one out*, there does seem to be a bit of extra art on this azul French-tip mani. We've spotted a touch of red and white on the nailbed of her left ring finger. After downloading nearly every picture of her hands available, we still can't quite make out what it is, but there's something distinctly triangular about it. Maybe even heart-shaped? HMMmmm... What do YOU think it could be?

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