Justin Bieber Slicks Back Hair, Channels The Fonz

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, on Jan. 28.
Photo: Getty Images

This just in: Justin Bieber's gone retro! We spotted him at the NRJ Music Awards on Saturday looking super '50s-chic in an oversized bright blue MCM printed logo motorcycle jacket, untucked white button-up shirt, black skinny tie, shiny black denim, and loosely tied blue and white sneakers. (P.S. How perfect would it have been if they were blue suede shoes? JUST SAYIN'.) But what REALLY threw us for a loop in this look wasn't even his out-of-character outfit—it's that hair. JB decided to slick back his 'do for a badass rockabilly feel that we've never seen before! The Biebs is KNOWN for his heavy-banged, side-swooped hair, but he decided to show off his flawless visage by combing it all back for a totally Fonzie from Happy Days inspired look. (And, heyyyyyy, we'd bet The Fonz would give this outfit two enthusiastic thumbs-up.)

We've got all kinds of mixed emotions about his greased-up locks, but it may be because we might've never ACTUALLY seen his hairline and eyebrows in their full glory before. We have to give him cred for keeping his brows under full lockdown (not a hair is out of place on those bad boys) because whenever we have bangs, well, hahahha, it's like our eyebrows don't exist anymore. Unlike us, Justin is totally on top of his beauty game, and for that, we give him major props. Way to go, Daddy-O!

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