Snooki's Spring Sunglasses Sold Out In One Day

Snooki Sunglasses

Snooki in Las Vegas on Jan 10.
Photo: Getty Images

Last fall Snooki launched her first-ever sunglasses collection, and with the affordable price point and fun animal print designs, fans quickly snatched up all KINDS of shades from the Snooki by Nicole Polizzi line. On Wednesday, the Jersey Shore girl revealed a sneak peek her spring line via Twitter, and we got a glimpse of the rhinestone-encrusted "Rock Candy" glasses for the first time. Just a day later (aka yesterday!), they hit the web, and *GASP* THEY ARE ALREADY OUT OF STOCK. The plastic frames come in six colors (with awesomely hilarious names like "Boo-Boo Berry Pie" and "Not So Sour Apple") and cost only $20! If there was any doubt of Snooki's ability to be a smart businesswoman, we can absolutely attest to the fact that she is doing something very, very right.

This is not the first time that Snooki-endorsed products have sold out—um, who could forget her HSN appearance where she managed to wipe out an entire collection of Crocodillies? TRULY amazing. By now, Snooks has already self-created flip-flops, perfume, tanning lotion, and slippers—not to mention the release of her two books, one of which is a New York Times bestseller! Whew, we're getting tired just TALKING about it, but we're positive that Snooki has more fash creations coming down the pipe. We're already placing bets on when Snooks will release a clothing line, and we can only imagine how many people would go ballistic over that. I mean, everyone needs a little more leopard in their wardrobe, right?

UPDATE (2:43 PM): Oh, SNAP! Snooki's "Rock Candy" sunglasses have been restocked! DAYUM, that was fast. Go here to purchase right this second!

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