'Jersey Shore' Brings Vinny Back With Custom Tees

The Situation's custom Vinny tee.
Photo: MTV

We'll give you a minute to put down the box of tissues, fix your running mascara, y'know, take a breath and stuff. We know you're undoubtedly BUCKLED OVER in a puddle of happy tears at Vinny's triumphant return to the Jersey Shore. Us, too. It took a lot of coaxing (or forcibly robbing him from his doting mama, Paula), but they did it! The rest of the roommates were able to convince Vin to come back to the house. What did it, though? When the girls called earlier that weekend to invite him to Mike and Pauly's surprise party, Vinny didn't seem that interested in returning to the land of fist pumps and hair gel. So what was the deciding factor? What made him change his mind? His roommates seem to think it was finally seeing their smiling faces, but we know better. No one can resist the power of a custom T-shirt homage.

Pauly D's custom Vinny tee.
Photo: MTV

OK, OK. That's not to say that V didn't totally miss his friends, nor are we insinuating that he wasn't actually moved by the bumrush reunion after such an extended period of separation...but dadgum if those Vinny-themed tees didn't ALSO have something to do with it! Level with us while we get a little metaphorical on you. We're not just talking about the T-shirts as physical objects here. They're symbols of the roommates' solidarity with Vinny, public displays of affection, if you will, that his roommates wore all around the boardwalk and took extra effort to make in his honor. If our lovable turnpiking friends drove all the way out to your parents' house to kidnap us AND rolled up in a band of T-shirts with our mugs plastered all over them, welp, hiatus shmiatus. We'd be right back in Karma with them.

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