Eastpak Launches Artist Studio Backpacks

eastpak yelle johnny marr marina and the diamonds

Eastpak Artist Studio backpacks designed by (from left) Yelle, Johnny Marr, and Marina and The Diamonds.
Photo: Courtesy of Eastpak

We've been on a backpack kick lately. It started in early fall when we were inspired by all of the back-to-school accessories, but its an obsession that has extended to now—winter—when we have so much bulky junk to carry around that it's getting ridiculous. We're not ashamed of our snail-like ways of hoarding miscellaneous items to see us through this big bad city, but we realize a better way of not destroying our backs would be to actually invest in a backpack. Surprisingly, it's hard to choose one, which is why we're thrilled (nay ELATED) about Eastpak's new line of Artist Studio backpacks. In a tortoise shell, the company asked more than 130 creative types from musicians to nail artists to go to town on a blank, original Eastpak canvas backpack. They could draw on them, cut them up, add weird blingy items, or do whatever they wanted. The results are ZHAMAZE. And what's even better, all of the proceeds from the sale of these one-of-a-kind bags go to Designers Against AIDS. The only problem is which one to choose...

We're really feeling the fun behind the crazy-face pack designed by French electro-pop band Yelle (above left), mostly because we like the idea of feeding this pink-lipped fella our mobile phones, pencils, various lip balms, bobby pins, crumpled receipts, and mini packs of Kleenex (hi, Mom). There's also one designed by Brit music legend Johnny Marr from The Smiths, which might suit our BFs and SOs better, BUT grunge is back and this red, white, blue, and black bag reminds us of high school. Also? It has giant polka dots and rando backstage passes clipped onto it. Another musician-designed backpack is this minimal white and green number (above right) designed by pop singer-songwriter Marina Diamondis of Marina and The Diamonds. This, too, reminds us of our high school doodling days, plus it has hearts and Valentine's Day is right around the corner. BUT we're all sort of collectively leaning toward either of the two bags designed by hella awesome London-based nail artist Sophy Robson (below). Graphic, modern, and full of nail tips (literally) we can see this backpack popping out over our black winter-wool coats and also slung over flouncy dresses come springtime.

eastpak sophy robson

Eastpak Artist Studio backpacks designed by London-based nail artist Sophy Robson.
Photo: Courtesy of Eastpak

+ Check out all of the EASTPAK Artist Studio backpacks here!

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