Beth Ditto Is Collaborating With MAC Cosmetics


Beth Ditto for MAC Cosmetics.
Photo: Courtesy of MAC

Let's get right to it: We love Beth Ditto. When she's not 'sploding forth with musical melodies courtesy of both a solo career and her band Gossip, she's frolicking with the fashion folk (like on Jean Paul Gaultier's runway) or regaling us all with her spot on makeup game. She's the real deal, folks! Remember that time Beth stole our hearts at the MAC Fashion's Night Out party? Perhaps that was a precursor to the latest news that she's collaborating with MAC on a makeup collection that will debut in June. We don't have to go on and on about it (*dips pen in inkwell*), but we will because this is crazy exciting.

The launch will coincide with a gala honoring the MAC AIDS Fund—which is giving $246,620 to Sidaction, an AIDS awareness initiative in France—and Ditto will attend. In the promotional shot for the collection, Miss D is wearing super blunt cut bangs in a shade akin to Kool-Aid red. Her face is alabaster white and covered in bright blue polka dots. The whole look is very Man Ray-surreal in that its focus is the eyes, which are exaggerated and emphasized in black outlines, but we're only talking ONE eye. Beth's other eye is covered by her hand, on which a faux eye/artist's rendition has been drawn (hence, the surrealism) as well as a drawn extension of her cotton candy pink lips. It's a striking visual, and it seems to hint at candy pop colors, including (hopefully!) pale pink, yellow, and coal nail polish, which is used on her art deco mani. But we're guessing the collection will be very eye makeup-heavy, which is fine by us, because like we said, eyeballs are totally IN for spring.

{via WWD}

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