Karl Lagerfeld Guests Get Azealia Banks And iPads

Azealia Banks and Karl Lagerfeld custom iPad.
Photo: Courtesy of Azealia Banks' Instagram

If you've been keeping as watchful an eye on Miss Azealia Banks as we have, you're well-aware that the up-and-coming Harlem rapper was honored with playing Karl Lagerfeld's celebratory house party last night. Banks, in all her crimpy mermaid hair glory, was posted up front and center spitting rhymes and pumping up Uncle Karl's dinner party crowd. What you probably didn't know (until now) is that Poppa Lagerfeld sent his esteemed guests home with a casual armful of custom iPad. Yep, he may have denied his partygoers a chance at some decadent Parisian pastry with a side of bottomless whipped cream, but THIS dessert is much more special and lasting. Heck, it's actually practical! We won't go into all the reasons why an iPad makes a great gift, but we WILL delve into what appears to be Monsieur Lagerfeld's growing affinity for the tablet device. *strokes thinking beard*

Azealia isn't the first leading lady to whom Karl has bestowed a surprise techie gift. Flash back to late June of last year. Caught up in Bradley Cooper's bilingual hottness, we were watching internet videos of live French TV in hopes of maybe picking something up. One of these such television shows featured Mother Monster herself Lady Gaga meeting Karl for (what we're pretty sure was) the very first time. A conversation we couldn't understand ensued (we took Spanish in college), and then, it happened. Karl whipped out this fantastic gold-plated iPad! The meeting evolves into a photo shoot, and BOOM, Karl hands off the obviously custom iPad to Gags like it ain't no thang. First Gaga, then Azealia; the only question left is: Who's next?!

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