Iggy Azalea Debuts Pink Ombre Hair In Jeremy Scott

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea on Oct. 20 and on Jan. 19.
Photo: Getty Images/@IggyAzalea's Twitter

Single process hair color is officially donezo! Celebs everywhere are transforming their monochrome locks into saturated ombre 'dos—the most recent addition being Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. Known for her stick-straight, SUPER long, blonde high ponytail, the singer switched up her look thanks to a recent Complex magazine photo shoot. She tweeted a picture in which she sports some stellar free-flowing waves dyed a bright purple-to-pink ombre hue. We are SO in love with Iggy's new 'do, and we finally get to see her without that slicked-back hair! (Not like she doesn't wear a killer pony, though.) We like how instead of the traditional dip-dye look that most people rock (see: Dakota Fanning), she reversed it and went super bold at the roots and slowly faded into a more natural hue. And, um, beauteous hair aside, we NEED to talk about her amazing bod. Once you stop giving her serious elevator eyes (creep!), we've got a pop quiz for you: Name where you've seen this look before. Aaand go!

Her yellow and green cactus print crop top and skirt are straight from the Jeremy Scott spring/summer 2012 runway! The Beverly Hillbillies meets Daisy Duke collection was entirely inspired by Western wear, but Iggy updated the look by actually cutting the singlet runway dress into two pieces! I mean, with abs like that, who WOULDN'T? We're sososo anxious to see what she'll be wearing for the rest of the spread, and if we're already loving Iggy's look in this dimly lit cell phone photo, we can only imagine what kind of greatness is about to come our way. *SQUEE*

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