Trend To Try: Body Part Accessories

yazbukey accessories

Body part accessories by Yazbukey.
Photo: Courtesy of Yazbukey

I'm a total proponent for unusual accessories. Not only do they brighten up any ensemble with unusual flair, they can often become a conversation starter or, you know, make your denim vest look cooler. In my constant search for weirdly awesome accessories—namely brooches, earrings, head scarves, tights, hats, and anything else that can tip out an outfit with perplexing panache—I've come across some unique pieces. But in recent weeks, I noticed a trend...eyeballs. Yes, eyeballs are kind of having a moment right now, and so are lips. I've seen eyes and lips in the form of brooches, rings, necklaces, and even bobby pins. And as I continued digging, I started to find other BODY PARTS. It was like following the clues to some sort of dismemberment mystery involving pieces of plastic, bits of silver, and the odd strip of fabric all dealing in the human anatomy. I also found a pair of earrings that are flesh-toned mini ears, like from a shrunken Vincent van Gogh. It may seem totally out there or bizarre, but I think wearing body part accessories is CRAYMAZING.


French jewelry company Yazbukey is often identified by their Karl Brooch (*sigh* still coveting that), but they make a variety of body part brooches, too (see above). There's everything from the 2 Hair Brooches and eyeball-shaped Look At Me Once Brooch (complete with eyelashes and vampire-esque red irises) to the C'est Ahh Black Lips Brooch and a Finger Brooch with two rings and a red mani. Any of these pieces would kick up your work blazer or school sweater, and all are guaranteed to get you noticed. Curly locks of plastic hair? They're so random and fun (and kind of remind me of Crispin Glover's hair-stealing character in Charlie's Angels). Also? There's more where these came from...


eye accessories

Clockwise from left: House of Harlow 1960 earrings, Topshop headband and bangle, Wasteland ring.
Photo: Topshop, ASOS; Wasteland

To get in on the ol' eyeball trend, you can try these smallish House of Harlow 1960 Evil Eye Studs, which look like fancy yet dainty sparklers from far away. It's only upon closer inspection that you realize you're getting the evil eye. The same goes for the Topshop Printed Eye Headband, which looks like an unusual, if somewhat tropical, print from far away and eerie, hand-drawn eyes when you get closer. Topshop also has a Bamboo and Stone Bangle with eye adornment and a bit of Egyptian flair. But if you want to go full-out ballin', then look no further than the Wasteland Eyeball Ring held aloft by a pair of tiny talon hands.


ear earrings

Calourette's Little Ear Pin Earrings.

These Calourette Little Ear Pin Earrings are HILARIOUS and super fun. I mean, they're tiny ears on big ears! These definitely beg people to get closer and/or ask you if they really are what they are. The only thing that would make them better is if you could have them customized to your actual skin tone. Make no bones about it, that would be taking this whole body part trend really seriously. Wait, BONES? Yeah, we've got bones covered too.

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