Lauren Conrad Dyed Her Bun Pink With Chalk!

lauren conrad pink bun

Lauren Conrad in a high bun at an "Us Weekly" Hollywood party; Instagram shot of her pink chalk bun.
Photo: Getty Images/Instagram

Lauren Conrad has become something of a beauty dynamo. Aside from her own flawless hair and makeup game that we constantly draw inspiration from, there's her signature site and beauty blog, The Beauty Department, which both give stellar tips and tutorials on everything from braided updos to nautical nails. She has an upcoming beauty collaboration with BlueAvocado that will include eco-friendly cosmetics, and she never hesitates to upload photos of her ever-changing hairstyles. Now, we know the California gal's a fan of infusing a hint of ombre into her blonde tresses from time to time (remember that delicious shade of peach?), and her latest color incarnation comes courtesy of chalk instead of dye. Yes, you read that right. CHALK.

LC recently Instagrammed (is that officially a verb yet?) a shot of a lightly pink-hued topknot that she dubbed her "Cotton Candy bun," and thanks to the super beauty sleuths over at In Style, Conrad's colorist, Kristin Ess, confirmed that they used regular ol' school board chalk to create it. Ess said, "It's a super fun way to temporarily color your ends because it washes right out. But it's best when worn in a bun because it will get on your clothes." Um, we LOVE THIS IDEA. Just think of the light blue, green, yellow, and pink parfait bun you could create! Slight downside? We have a feeling this might only work on blonde hair but have high hopes for yellow on brown. But still, it's amazing and there's a full how-to tutorial on the site today. See, PARFAIT!!!


Photo: Courtesy of The Beauty Department

{via In Style}

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