Azealia Banks Receives Custom Karl Lagerfeld Sweater As 'Thank You' For Playing His House Party

Azealia Banks shows off her custom Karl Lagerfeld sweater.
Photo: Courtesy of Azealia Banks' Twitter

Right around this very minute, across the pond in the City of Lights, Azealia Banks is having dinner at Karl Lagerfeld's Parisian home. As if that sentence alone doesn't send your blood boiling with jealousy already, Poppa Karl sent our girl AZ a little token of his appreciation. OK, we use the term "little" very loosely here because real talk, if Karl EVER personally sent us anything, it would be swiftly carted away and placed in an impenetrable glass case that is also somehow disaster-proof. IMMEDIATE museum status.

Of course, Karl's special gift for Azealia isn't just anything either. (Sidenote: I just had a waking nightmare about Karl signing off on an Edible Arrangement.) It's a custom sweater emblazoned with Karl's bespectacled profile, much like the Mickey Mouse crewneck she sports in her "212" music video. "But what on EARTH could have brought on this level of affection from the the ponytailed sartorial legend?" you ask, "We thought it was NICOLA who was calling dibs on the Harlem girl!" Well, it looks like Banks has been cozying up to more of the fashion community than you think!

We've been following Azealia's trip to Paris for Haute Couture Week very closely, from run-ins with room service to her excitement over this weekend's impending "Liquorice" video shoot with Nicola Formichetti, so naturally, this tease about a high-profile house party gig didn't go overlooked. Well, it's Wednesday night in Paris, and it looks like the abode in question is that of Mr. Lagerfeld himself!

The party at Karl's casa is likely in celebration of today's Karl by Karl Lagerfeld Collection launch on Net-A-Porter! This esteemed guest performance gig is a high honor for an artist who's still so green, but Azealia definitely has the musical and sartorial chops to get it done. We just hope she (or whoever might be in care of her phone whilst onstage) tweets a GRIP of pics from the party so we can live vicariously through her fabulous night while we catch up on our DVR-ed episodes of "Toddlers & Tiaras".

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