Rihanna Gets ‘Thug Life’ Knuckle Tattoo

Rihanna shows off her “Thug Life” knuckle tattoo.
Photo: @Rihanna’s Twitter

While we were all snuggled up in our beds last night catching some much-needed z’s, Rihanna was tweeting up a storm during her self-proclaimed #TATnight at the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Hollywood. Now, admittingly, we don’t have any tattoos, but if we WERE to get inked up, we’d have to be strategic in what ensemble we’d wear. I mean, that many hours of sitting in an uncomfortable chair while still managing to look chic? SO HARD. Rihanna totally did it right, though, by wearing a cozy-but-still-cute iconic John Lennon circa 1974 graphic tee paired with a full black skirt. (Psst! You can snatch up the same shirt for less than $30!) She kept her ombre hair au naturel and pinned back her bangs for a cute, no-fuss ’do. For a touch of color in her entirely black and white ensemble, she sported a bright red matte lip. PERF! But, um, HAIIII, can we talk about those knuckle tats? She got “Thug Life” scrawled across her fingers in white ink as an homage to Tupac. We think the white REALLY brings out the pastel pink hue of her A-game stiletto nails, which makes this entire look that much more fierce.

Rihanna with tattoo artist Mark Mahoney.
Photo: @Rihanna’s Twitter

When RiRi first arrived, she looked like a total rock star in her black cat-eye sunglasses, leather jacket, gold snake cuff, and too-cool-for-school ’tude. We wish we could’ve seen the bottom half of this ensemble because everyone knows Rihanna never disappoints in the shoe department. Case in point: Look at the KILLER pumps she wore the last time she sported just a T-shirt and jeans. YUP. But, hey, we’re not mad! It just means we can leave the best part of her outfit up to our imagination. Hmmm, wedges? Stilettos? Sneakers? The possibilities are endless!

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