Kreayshawn Or Demi Lovato: Who Wore Blunt Bangs And Bobbed Hair Best?

Kreayshawn and Demi Lovato try out blunt banged bobs.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram/Demi Lovato's Twitter

On paper, Kreayshawn and Demi Lovato seem like an unlikely matchup for a "Who Wore It Better?" scenario. These two couldn't possibly have more divergent fashion tastes—Kreay with an affinity for thrifty urban streetwear and Demi with a penchant for all things bohemian. Their music, their fanbases, and their respective rises to fame? All very very different. But when you see these ladies side by side, these self-snapped images sporting preeeetty much identical blunt bangs and bobbed hair, how could you NOT pit them (and their hairstyles) against each other??

We were already shocked when we spied this starkly short 'do on Demi earlier this month. Our mouths were gaping at the sight of this austere chin-grazing cut, an enormous change of pace from her usually waist-length cascade of ombre curls. BUT! A moment of exhale when we realized Demi was just trying on a wig. We're 99.999% sure that Kreay's is the real deal, but that still doesn't explain why she and Demi are both rocking this hairstyle in the same month. Maybe Kreayshawn follows D on Twitter. Or better yet, maybe she saw our breaking Demi hair news right here!!! Orrrr perhaps these ladies' almost simultaneous dive into this daring Mia Wallace 'do is all just a big beauty coincidence. Whatever the reason, these matching hairstyles (AND left nostril nose rings and gold chains, BTW) fell upon our eyeballs but weeks apart, and in our world, that means we cast them out to the sharks (that's you guys) to determine who wore it best!

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