'The Hunger Games' Capitol Couture Site Is Live, Showcases Nail Art And McQueen Heels


Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket in "The Hunger Games."
Photo: Capitol Couture/Courtesy of Lionsgate

It's a big day for the citizens of Panem (and all of us people here in the real world). For those of us who rabidly follow anything and everything related to the book series turned film franchise, The Hunger Games, we have much to celebrate as the Capitol Couture fashion site is ZOMG FINALLY LIVE! This is mayjah news, and not just for fans of the book and the upcoming film, but for anyone interested in marketing. Turning the out-there, post-apocalyptic fashion that is so integral to the story of The Hunger Games into a real, living/breathing Tumblr street style site is a work of genius. With one click, you've entered the world of the film and are rewarded with a profile on "Capitol-born style icon" Effie Trinket, aka Elizabeth Banks in all her pink-pastel Chinoiserie gloriousness. And beyond that, we're treated to nail art tips, street style shots of shoes (including TO DIE gold "vintage" Alexander McQueen heeled booties), and some sort of contest involving District Stylists. Holy Mockingjay, people, we are SO INTO THIS.

Even though there's no sign of lead character Katniss Everdeen on the site yet, (as you know she's played by Jennifer Lawrence, who had Oscar nomination duties this morning), but we are treated to a small gossip tidbit about how Katniss volunteered to compete in the Games in place of her sister. It also says, "I don't know about you, but I simply cannot wait to see Katniss in action," and goes on to suggest that she volunteered simply to bask in Effie's "inspirational fashionista" glory. OK, not only do we love that they're setting up parts of the story in the site but also that they've dissected Effie's style and added a GIF of her walking around in "daring 24-Karat McQueen peep-toes" complete with white nylon ankle socks (*hat tip* to that retro '80s style choice). So, WAIT. In post-apocalyptic times, when citizens are divided into 12 Districts and there's a Capitol City where people wear parfait colors, giant flower headpieces, exaggerated peplums, and sometimes whiskers on their faces (yep), in all of this craziness, somehow, in some way, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN is still at the height of fashion? And not just McQueen, apparently, but Mugler too? The Capitol may be messed up in gazillion ways, but we kind of love their taste in designers.


Nail tips courtesy of Capitol Couture.
Photo:Capitol Couture/Courtesy of Lionsgate

Capitol Courture also includes a beauty guide devoted to getting the Capitol look right on down to "impeccable paws," aka NAILS. In Games times, it appears as if super long nails are in, with intricate floral embellishments and crushed garnet powder (to the fancy pants Capitol citizens, this is a reality). There's even a suggestion that nail art draw inspiration from Tributes (that is, the kids that are going to be fighting each other to the DEATH) and an advertisement for the Capitol Colours China Glaze nail polish collection that will actually be a real thing when the movie comes out. We give funny points to both the suggestion that one dissociate themselves from "the Nail-Biters Club" and for a suggestion that when choosing the right nail color to think about "what will look best against your vintage albino jaguar-leather clutch."

the hunger games capitol couture

Shoes spotted in the Capitol City on "The Hunger Games" Capitol Couture site.
Photo: Capitol Couture/Courtesy of Lionsgate

There's a whole shoe section too, devoted to what styles are the most fashionable in the City Circle. Not only are those KILLER (heh) McQueen gold peep-toes a highlight but also a pair of similar black grosgrain peeps described as being "coal black" and attributed to the coal workers in District 12, which is where Katniss is from. There's also a shot of an actual Tribute's brown boot ready for action and horrific mayhem in the Games Arena. (You guys, this story is so insanely brutal, we're surprised some of these shoes aren't fashioned into faux shivs.) We like the look of these periwinkle blue and red futuristic-heeled booties that are apparently being worn by a City Circle waitress, and we wonder what other street-style shots they'll add in the coming weeks. It's all so wonderfully over-the-top and fun! We haven't seen a movie play up the fashion quite like this before, and, what's more, there appears to be some sort of In Style co-sponsored District stylist competition that we're assuming is interactive and will involve styling your own Capitol Couture ensembles. (Dear Cinna, PLEASE let this be a reality.) So don't forget to #LookYourBest!

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