Kelly Osbourne, Elizabeth Banks, And Jessica Hart Rock This Week's Best Shoes

Kelly Osbourne, Elizabeth Banks, and Jessica Hart wear the week's best shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Just because this week offered scant the awards show action of last week, doesn't mean fashionistas and their glitzy feetsies went on hiatus. This Shoe Update features Kelly Osbourne turning it out another week in a row alongside the exemplary heels of Elizabeth Banks and model Jessica Hart. Though nary an award was doled out this week (though, that will change come Sunday's Screen Actors' Guild Awards), we're serving up some style kudos to these ladies for keeping the bar high, even on a bye week.

We should know by now to never be surprised when Ozzy and Sharon's little girl dominates the competition when it comes to shoe game, but she puts outfits together in such a refreshing and yet also somehow totally accessible way. Turning her People's Choice Honor gown and Casadei heels into something I still think I could totally pull off on a Wednesday is an amazing feat, but this week's relatability comes from a more obvious source. Girl is wearing an H&M frock and greyscale colorblocked Aldo wedges. (Stars, they're just like us!!) Added bonus, the black carpet working in concert with the panelling of her wedge soles totally gives the illusion of flared white heels. Also, that she's floating, but that's another story for another time.

Elizabeth glittered in this pretty short-sleeved Pucci number, rocking gold from head to toe. Literally. From her golden blonde hair all the way down to those MEGA-spiked Christian Louboutin sandals. Seriously, you want to give these bad boys a closer look. She could take a foe's eye out with those killers.

Model Jessica Hart rounds out our feature by her expert infusion of color and pattern into an otherwise simple ensemble. These ornate blue and gold lace-up booties provide a little kick (*ba dum TSH!*) to her sheer button-up + leather skinnies combo. We'll definitely be using this example in our day-to-day dressing for the rest of the season!


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