Selena Gomez Matches Head To Toe In Color-Coordinated Hair And Performance Outfit

Selena Gomez matches her Puerto Rico performance outfit to her blue-purple hair.
Photo: Splash News

Just when we thought Justin Bieber's thing for matching was something to write home about, girlfriend Selena Gomez serves the world a color-coordinated one up with this SUPER matching ensemble. Every inch of this girl's Puerto Rico Coliseum performance outfit has a counterpart. The sparkle of her rhinestone encrusted microphone is mirrored in the bejeweled stripes across her gem and pearl laden high-waisted hotpants situation. The soft gold sheen of her metallic sandals echo girl's stage-ready mile-long stems. And of course, the violet of Sel's plunging halter neckline and floor-length pleated half-skirt strikes the perfect complementary hue between the electric blues and purples of Selena's newly colorful hair. The question is, though: Which came first, the outfit or the hair?

OK, so it's kind of an easy question. Obviously, it takes a heck of a lot more time (designing, sewing, multiple fittings) to whip up a glamorous stage ensemble, rippling in so much chiffon and embellishment as this one, than to see the effects of a box of Manic Panic on your head. That said, we're assuming Sel was inspired by the cool hues of this peformance look for her freshly dyed tresses, BUT let's pause for a hot second here, and reflect on how consummately #dedication it is for Selena to SEMI-PERMANENTLY alter her apperance for the good of her tour, AMIRITE?? Wow. *single happy tear and also hearts*

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