Nail Artist Ria Lopez Shows Off Her Skills With Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss [VIDEO]

Alexis Krauss and Ria Lopez.
Photo: MTV

It’s no secret that Sleigh Bells’ leading lady Alexis Krauss LOVES her nail art. When we caught up with her at the Woodies last year, she showed off some drool-worthy nail designs and quickly gave a shout-out to a girl named “Maria in Greenpoint.” Um, HOLD THE PHONE. We live in Greenpoint, and we’re obsessed with nail art. There’s a nail genius living in our neighborhood, and we don’t even know? After endless Google searches, we still ended up empty-handed, so we did what any investigative journalist would do—asked around the neighborhood. We got a tip that Alexis gets her jet-black locks done at Hair Metal in Greenpoint, so we talked fash, beauty, and, of course, Sleigh Bells with the stylists, and they pointed us to an unassuming place called Maritza’s Unisex Salon on India Street—literally across the street from our apartment. Maria, who goes by Ria Lopez, sat in a lime-green, leopard-print painted corner of the salon with all her nail art on full display. Upon first glance, we knew this was our girl. We got some nail art of our own straight from Ria herself, and she’s SOSOSO skilled to say the least. She confirmed that she was, in fact, the gal behind Alexis’ iconic nails, so we immediately knew we had to spread the word.

Alexis Krauss and nail artist Ria Lopez.
Photo: MTV

Ria let our camera crew into her salon to talk about the vast array of work she’s done, which includes, uhhh, literally everything. Think: cupcakes, galaxies, flowers—you name it, she’s done it. (Peep her Tumblr if you don’t believe us.) She also revealed the inspiration behind her designs AND divulged how her and Alexis’ friendship began. Today, Ria is responsible for Alexis’ most iconic nail looks, including the killer manicure featured in Sleigh Bells’ latest video “Comeback Kid.” Watch Ria talk all things nail art and even receive a surprise visit from Alexis herself (wearing the same Search & Destroy studded leather jacket from the music video!). Who’s ready for a nail party?!

Alexis Krauss and nail artist Ria Lopez’s nails.
Photo: MTV


MTV Style | Nailed It With Ria Lopez And Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss

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