Sleigh Bells ‘Comeback Kid’ Music Video: Look By Look

Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Music

As if we weren’t already OB-SESSED with the fresh-faced and fashion-y frontwoman of Sleigh Bells, Ms. Alexis Krauss, she and bandmate Derek E. Miller released their latest music video, “Comeback Kid,” and now we’re even more jealous of her studded-leather-and-ripped-jeans wardrobe. In it, she flaunts her A+ bang game (no seriously, girl’s got some GREAT fringe) and flawless visage paired with edgy, punk rock-inspired ensembles. She weaves in and out of soft retro-glam beauty looks and old-school, New York rocker, cool girl style. Alexis did ALL the styling herself for this video *slow clap*, but it’s not TOO surprising considering Alexis is super deep in fash game—she even pinpointed the best places to snatch up some killer clothing when we caught up with her at the Woodies last year. “Comeback Kid” also shows off Alexis’ fierce nail game, and her love of nail art totally makes her a girl after our own heart. In fact, we talked to her go-to nail guru Ria Lopez in Brooklyn and watched her create mini masterpieces on Alexis’ nails with our very own eyes. But, all that awesomeness aside, we want to see what killer fashion and beauty game she’s rocking in her music video. Let’s go!


Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Music

Alexis’ vintage crimson Arnold Scaasi robe (and flash of leg) totally screams sultry suburban housewife, but she looks anything but desperate. Her scarlet matte lips and and hoop earrings match her robe perfectly, and it make us wonder if she’s extremely bloodthirsty or just REALLY likes coordinating her entire ensemble. Psst, that rifle is real. *tiptoes out of room before she notices us*


Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Music

Ah, THIS is the badass Alexis we’ve grown to love and adore! She paired her blunt-banged jet black bob with a custom Search & Destroy studded leather jacket, vintage pink and yellow screenprinted “Florida Life Guard” tee, custom pink and black acid wash Bambi & Manson cutoff shorts, glittery hoop earrings, a studded cuff, fingerless leather gloves, red pout, and don’t-mess-with-me-’tude.


Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Music

*GASP* ALEXIS HAS GONE BLONDE. We never thought we’d say this, but are we actually feeling this fair-haired version of AK? She look so soft with her million-mile-long lashes, light brown eyeshadow, and coral lips. We’re not used to this delicate, girly version of Alexis, but dang, we can’t stop staring at her symmetrical beauty and intense smizing skills. Gulp. HURRY. BRING ON THE NEXT OUTFIT BEFORE WE GET LOST IN THOSE EYES.


Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Music

This is probably the only time we’ve looked at torn jeans and immediately thought, “WE WANT THOSE.” Alexis’s custom Bambi & Manson light bleach-stained jeans are held together merely by oversized safety pins, and we’re not even mad. Her back pockets are adorned with striped patches and studs (not like you weren’t already looking there anyway. CAUGHT!).


Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Music

We finally get the full view of Alexis’s ensemble as she dances alone in her living room. She wore super sheer vintage stockings under her shorts and threw on some crisp white Keds because, duh, what else would she wear to bust out dance moves that amazing?


Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Music

Finally, we find AK poolside in, erm, nothing but a towel, Ray Bans, and giant gold hoops. This still counts as fashion, right? *looks around empty room* YEP!


Photo: Courtesy of Ria Lopez

Two-tone leopard print, splattered paint, AND studs?! Alexis’ nail artist Ria didn’t miss a beat when it came to dressing her nails to the nines. In fact, we can’t even decide which finger we like best! To see these nails and all of Alexis’ outfits in FULL, HD ACTION, watch the full music video below!


Sleigh Bells, “Comeback Kid”

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