Avril Lavigne Teams Up With Sally Hansen For A ‘Rock And Roll’ Nail Polish Strip Collection

Avril Lavigne to launch Sally Hansen nail collection.
Photo: Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Avril Lavigne is making a big mark in the fashion and beauty world—she’s already dominating the pop-punk fash scene with her Abbey Dawn clothing line (which showed at NYFW!) and has released three “magical” fragrances (named Wild Rose, Forbidden Rose, and Black Star) to date. So, what’s up next for Avril? A nail collection, obvi! Following in the footsteps of her fellow lady musicians with an affinity for KILLER nail art (Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj), Avril has teamed up with Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects brand for a collection of nail polish strips that reflect Ms. Lavigne’s personal punky style, according to WWD.

Avril Lavigne’s Sally Hansen nail strips, as shown by Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen.
Photo: @EvaChen212’s Instagram

The limited-edition collection features 12 designs—black and yellow checkered nail strips (above), blue and black stars (below), rainbow ombre leopard print and her signature skull and crossbones, to name a few—which will launch globally in April. The $9.99 stick-on nail polishes will still come with everything you’d expect from the no-dry Sally Hansen nail strip kit—a file, cuticle stick, and buffer. We know that WE’RE jumping for joy for even more nail art to get our grubby little hands on, but what does Avril think about her new foray into nail art? “I love clothing, nails and fragrance, hair, makeup, all that stuff,” Avril told WWD. “I was really excited about the Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips—especially since they’re superquick. You clean your nails, peel the strips and apply them, file and go. I’m superfast at it, so it takes me like five minutes to do my nails. And it’s supercool because the designs that I came up with are my personal style and vibe—they’re rock ’n’ roll and fun and bright and colorful. You have sparkles and little stars—they are cute […] I’m a really visual person; I like creating, and I love to have fun with colors. I think this offers self-expression, and it’s a really smart, versatile way to show your style. I think my fans will really like it, because it’s easy and simple and fun.”

Avril Lavigne’s Sally Hansen nail strips, as shown by Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen.
Photo: EvaChen’s Tumblr

{via WWD}

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