Justin Bieber Tucks Sweatpants Into Kooky Printed Socks, Matches Ensemble To Selena Gomez's Hair

Justin Bieber Socks Sweatpants

Justin Bieber in the LAX airport on Jan. 22.
Photo: Splash News

We did a triple take when we spotted Justin Bieber in the LAX airport over the weekend. The typically dolled-up singer sported a cozy ensemble, which included a gray furry trapper hat (we know how much he loves those!) with a white tee, zip-up blue sleeveless hoodie vest, gray sweatpants, and patterned blue Vans. But he threw us for a loop with a super out-of-character style move—he tucked his sweatpants INTO his socks. Now, we're not totally surprised by the ol' tuck-pants-in-socks move—sometimes we do this when we're trying to squeeze a pair of not-so-skinny jeans into a pair of boots, but, um, THERE ARE NO BOOTS HERE. This daring fashion statement is usually reserved for suburban dads and lounging-around-the-house-where-no-one-can-see-you-within-a-mile-radius moments, but the Biebs had no reservations wearing his socks out loud and proud. The best part, though, is how JB still managed to coordinate his entire ensemble, odd socks and all!

Now don't get us wrong—we're not promoting pants-into-socks tuckage, but if you're going to go all the way and do it, at least make it count. Justin knew he was getting into some shady style territory here, so he leveled out the playing field by making everything match perfectly. His vest and Vans sneakers are the same shade of bright blue, and he certainly didn't hesitate when it came to his socks either. The blue, black, and light gray pattern complements every color in his ensemble, which makes it extremely hard to get mad at his kooky winterwear. But what we loved MOST is that his ensemble also matches GF Selena Gomez's freshly dyed blue ombre tips. Is this just a coincidence or is Justin totally taking a blue cue from Ms. Gomez?

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