Azealia Banks Drops New 'Bambi' Track At Mugler Men's Runway Show

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Azealia Banks making a phone call and Nicola Formichetti at Barney's in New York.
Photo: Matt Barnes/Getty Images

As we're quick to point out every time we mention the words Azealia Banks, we're crazy obsessed with this gal. We don't even care how stalker-y and effusive we sound because this sweet-cheeked, sailor-mouthed sass machine from the "212" is gonna OWN 2012 just like we predicted. Not to throw our hair around and blatantly say the words style soothsayers, but we've been on this lady magic for awhile now. I mean, when we first heard about a possible Banks and Nicola Formichetti collabo, we hyperventilated, sprained our fingers typing for more info, then pester-stalked Miss B until she Twitpic'd a pair of Platform Jordan 3s he had custom made for her. We knew something was in the works but did not anticipate Formichetti, aka Mugler's creative director extraordinaire, would set his men's fall 2012 show to the new Azealia Banks track, "Bambi". Um, brains. EXPLODING.

As you're probably well aware, Nicola Formichetti has used the music of one Lady Gaga (whom he styles and collaborates with regularly) in previous Mugler shows. But he's been throwing mad love Azealia's way in the form of tweeting about listening to her music and later tweeting about their photo shoot for V magazine. We think it's only fitting that he layer her latest track over the runway proceedings of a futuristic, black-caped Mugler 2012 male model procession. In the video from the show, we not only get to hear Azealia say the following in her signature tongue-in-cheek way, "Where am I from? I'm from New York, New York, New York..." over a pulsating beat; we also get to watch super hawt dudes parade around sans shirts or wearing sunglasses and steady-cams affixed to their pristine collared chests while she chants "repetition kills you" over and over again. It's all wildly fantastic, modern, and perhaps foreshadow-y of what we might be in for when the creative fruits of their collabos finally assault our collective visages. And, also, it's AWESOME. That is all. Check it out here.

{via Fashion Indie}

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