Was Beyonce's Pulse Summer Edition Campaign Image Shot By Terry Richardson?

Beyoncé's Pulse Summer Edition.
Photo: Courtesy of BeyonceParfums.com

As if the woman doesn't have her hands full (literally!!) taking care of Baby Blue Ivy right now, Beyoncé has released campaign images for the newest addition to Beyoncé Parfums. Providing further evidence that she very well may be the closest thing we have to a real life Superwoman, Queen Bey kicks off promo for her Pulse Summer Edition fragrance, a light, flirty version of the Pulse fragrance she launched in September. But pause. The first visual tease for the scent's upcoming release is not a moody fashion short. It's not a commercial. We're not even sure if it can technically be classified as a print ad. It's a DESKTOP WALLPAPER, y'all!! Available for download this minute! What's more, we have a sneaking suspicion that this glowing image of Bey may have been shot by none other than Terry Richardson. "What evidence do you have?" you ask. Well well WELL, prepare to take a ride on the Beyoncé SUPERFAN train, ladies and gents.

Regaining consciousness after the excitement of this new release, our brains started to itch of familiarity. There was just SOMETHING about seeing Ms. Carter-Knowles in this ruched chiffon mini with that low-cut halter neck that sounded a billion little alarms in our mental catalog of Beyoncé looks. After some sleuthing and grey matter racking, we had an A-HA! moment. Bey was TOTALLY wearing this very same itsy bitsy frock when she met up with Terry Richardson in October. A closer look at the photo with that in mind, and it's easier to recognize the way the light hits her straight-on, that exact same hairstyle, Terry's signature white backdrop that was likely just airbrushed with blue post-production. We'll wait on official word, but we're offering up a rousing golf clap for whoever shot this because girl looks GOOD!

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