Deena Finds Herself In A Hairy Situation On Tonight's Episode Of 'Jersey Shore'

Deena finds herself in a hairy situation.
Photo: MTV

Looks like we have a real SITUATION over here! What happened to Deena's hair on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore is no joke. After a long Meatball Day with bestie Nicole, girl danced so hard her hair fell out! Not her real hair, of course, because that would be insane albeit not wholly surprising. Deena fist-pumped and Jersey-Turnpiked her way into a GIGANTIC bird's nest of extensions, which you can take a closer look at above. Yikes. We've seen the whole episode yet STILL we cringe looking at this image because frankly, we know the strand-damaging future that lies ahead for Miss Deena Cortese.

She wrestles with her haphazard locks for a little, but immediately after a day of "celebrating for Vinny" and "getting wastie pants" (as Snooks so eloquently put it) probably isn't the best time to be making careful beauty repairments/alterations. It's not long until Deena elicits the aid of Pauly D, the assumed resident hair connoiseur. (This is about when we LOSE IT. Hold on to your seats, ladies.) We have no idea whether Pauly has painstakingly weeded out Deena's weave from her natural born hair or whether he's whittled his way down to the root of the knot, but when the camera cuts to Pauly's working hands at the back of Deena's head, all we hear is the bone-chilling rrrrrrrrrrip of serious breakage, and it sends us gripping our scalps in horror.

Thankfully, Mama Jenni swoops in just in time to salvage what she could of Deena's locks with a deep conditioning treatment and a gentle hand. *EXHALE* The sound of Pauly desecrating that poor girl's hair, though, will live with us forever. Most likely scarring us from ever mustering up the gumption to get those looooong mid-thigh extensions that haunt our dreams lately.

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