Dior Launches Scented Nail Polish, We Want The Whole Collection!

Dior's scented nail polishes.
Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Over here at MTV Style, we're kind of obsessed with nails. In our relentless pursuit for the latest, most innovative nail art, we've encountered all kinds of astounding designs for your digits: Nails inspired by tuxedos, stilettos, and even sneakers. And just when we thought we'd seen it all, enter Dior with nails you can smell. WAY to multitask (and shave a precious 5 minutes off your beauty routine in the morning)! Sure, they're not the VERY first brand to come out with scented nail polish (boozy nails, anyone?), but they are the first luxury brand to give us a two-for-one deal of polish and parfums.

The set is entitled "Garden Party", and fittingly, it makes us yearn to frolic through a garden in a floral dress like The Sound of Music, smelling our mani all the while. It's comprised of two colors/scents: "Forget Me Not," a rich and sultry lilac color right on trend for spring, and "Waterlily," a pale green that just screams summer on the French Riviera (or for us, Coney Island...same thing). The sheer beauty of the hues is only rivaled by the aroma. According to Dior, Garden Party encompasses "two fresh shades, soft green and flowery lilac, that upon drying, release an intoxicating rose fragrance." Imagine that: a nail polish experience courtesy of Dior. Is anyone planning to spend all day with their nails up to their nose? *raises hand*

Scoop up these double-duty nail polishes/fragrances for $23 at Dior.com. (Yes, it's KIND OF steep but they are two beauty products for the price of one!) Do it fast! Like any good thing, the polishes are limited-edition and will sell out very soon. Do you want to be the only one at the next outing with your girlfriends with a manicure that doesn't smell like a bed of flowers? We didn't think so.

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