Chloe Moretz Starts Her Appetite For Chanel At Age 14

Chloë Moretz in Chanel for the 2012 Critics' Choice Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

What is it about Chanel that makes the very utterance of the word so pregnant with dewy-eyed girlishness and unrivaled class and FANCY? The Chanel bug has claimed another victim; this time, a 14-year-old who also happens to be a major mega-superstar actress. Yes, y'all, Miss Chloë Moretz has an insatiable appetite for the fashion house and all that is quilted and bouclé. The girl has a fever, and the only prescription is more Chanel.

We only really started taking notice last week, when Moretz wore an interestingly sculptural frock to the Critics' Choice Awards. The ballsy choice turned up some eyebrows in the fashion community, but we applaud the girl for experimenting with shape and textures. In our hunt to track down the designer of the dress, we discovered it was Chanel, and ALSO found this quote Chloé dropped for Celebuzz about the fashion house on the People's Choice Awards red carpet: "I'm trying to branch out into a Blake Lively style wardrobe of Chanel...I've seen it personally, and it is ridiculous!"

Well well WELL, Chloë, looks like you're already on your way to B.Live status, as the pint-sized starlet revealed to that she's already accruing some interlocking C swag. "Chanel gave me my first two Chanel purses ever!" she said. "One is the more modern version of the classic one. It's got the accordion bottom and red interior. It's beautiful! Then my other one is a little leather clutch. It's so pretty and so classic. I love them." When asked to explain her affinity for the label, Chloë replied, "I love Chanel because it's so classic and iconic. You can say Chanel to anyone in the world in any different language, and they'll know what it is." Agreed. Preach.

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