Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, And More Top Names In Fashion Are Transformed Into Simpsons Characters!

Anna Wintour Karl Lagerfeld Simpsons

Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld as Simpsons characters.
Photo: Courtesy of aleXsandro Palombo/

D'OH. It looks like The Simpsons have made their way into the style scene! Illustrator aleXsandro Palombo transformed some of our fashion faves into Simpsons characters and, um, we're DYING over these. We had to share this image of Anna Wintour looking as orange-y as ever in a tight, long-sleeved black dress sporting her signature bob and always-on sunglasses. (Cue Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night" music video.) If we could see her feet, we bet she'd be sporting those cross-strap nude Manolo Blahnik heels! And, awww—look at Karl Lagerfeld as Homer Simpson. We rarely see Chanel's creative director in anything but a black suit, crisp white shirt and black tie. He, too, NEVER takes off his sunglasses—even moreso than Anna. Honestly, we've only seen Uncle Karl without glasses like, once or twice, and he looks a bajillion times less intimidating. Guess that's why he always keeps those suckers on! (Cue Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night" music video AGAIN.) Homer, er, Karl's white hair is slicked back into a sleek pony per usual, and even though we can't peep his hands, we're guessing he's sporting some fingerless black gloves. Oh, and don't worry, that protruding tummy is ALL Homer.

Grace Coddington Simpsons

Grace Coddington and Hilary Alexander as Simpsons characters.
Photo: Courtesy of aleXsandro Palombo/

OMG, Grace Coddington! The fiery-haired creative director of Vogue is wide-eyed as she clutches her book Grace: Thirty Years Of Fashion At Vogue. (Yes, this is the SAME book that costs $10,000. We'd be holding tightly onto that bad boy too.) Next to her stands the fashion director at The Daily Telegraph, Ms. Hilary Alexander. This illustration MAY be our favorite, only because the details are so dead on. She always sports a stick-straight bob and low-slung eyeglasses, but we seriously doubt she writes her column with an actual pencil and paper (haiii, we use computers now). We get it, though—she's exudes "fashion journalist" with that cocktail dress and notebook ensemble, and we can't be mad at that! For even more Simpsons-fash amazingness, visit the Humor Chic blog!

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