Trend To Try: Midi And Fingertip Rings


Clockwise from left: Catbird Silver Alphabet rings, ASOS bow rings, ASOS Articulated Ring With Chain, and Viveka Bergstrom Black Microcrystals ring.
Photo: Catbird; ASOS; Urban Outfitters

Accessories are having a serious moment right now. From Lady Gaga's gold-dipped hands to street-style stacking bracelets and watches, if you aren't sassing up your nails, then you're mos' def getting your multiple accessory game on. What's interesting is we've been noticing that these trends are all starting to blend, and that's a beautiful thing. We've spied ladies wearing rings on their mid-fingers (a trend the fine folks over at Refinery 29 have also weighed in on) and sometimes stacked together near the knuckle. We've also seen rings being worn around fingertips (thanks to Beyoncé's "Run the World" video). Lucky for all of us, the high street stores have taken notice, too, and are ready to give us what we want (nay, NEED) and all at an affordable price. Thus, as we prepare to usher in the spring season—wayyyy earlier than is climatically possible—we urge you not only to change up, but MOVE UP your accessory game...albeit just on your fingers.

Favorite Brooklyn jewelry shop Catbird is already in on the midi-ring game and offering Silver Alphabet Rings (heart-shaped ones, too, just in time for Valentine's Day). The key to wearing this look is to stack thin, delicate rings, like the ASOS Pack of bow rings, which are just dainty enough. You can also go for an accordion ring, which does the work for you by connecting a regular-sized ring to a midi ring.

We like the ASOS Articulated Ring with Connecting Ring, above right, and its triangular, Egyptian goddess kind of feel. It's all about making sure the ring is small enough to fit your midis, which is why we're into the Viveka Bergstrom Black Microcrystals Ring. Not only is it a fantastic, wear everyday, black and gold combo of onyx mineral loveliness, there's a comment in the reviews, which reads: "Cute but small. I ordered a size 6, which is the size I always get, but when I tried to put it on I couldn't even get it over my knuckle." This means, size-wise, it's totally PERFECT.

midi finger rings

Clockwise from left: In God We Trust Grim Reaper Ring, ASOS Gummy Rings, ASOS Copper Stackable Ring, Nasty Gal Bow Crown Ring, and ASOS Mini Mini Initial Adjustable Ring.
Photo: Need Supply; ASOS; Nasty Gal

There's no reason why you can't choose fun shapes and colors too. The In God We Trust Grim Reaper Ring is whimsically macabre and would double up nicely with a slew of other rings you've got going on. For a super affordable way to wear the trend, go for an ASOS Pack of 20 Gummy Rings and mix, match, and stack as you please. The ASOS Copper Stackable Ring is simple, but the hammered copper gives it a more interesting, textural kind of feel that would look awesome paired with wood bangles. For a bit of girlish femininity, the Nasty Gal Bow Crown Ring would work all by itself with a little black dress, even with the ASOS Mini Initial Adjustable Ring on your opposing hand.

fingertip rings

Clockwise from left: Laruicci Man Eater Claw, Bijules Short Nail Ring, Topshop Filigree Tip Double Ring, and Miss Wax Come Hither Claw.
Photo: Laruicci; Bijules; Topshop; Miss Wax

Thanks to Bey-Bey, we've watched the "Run the World (Girls)" video about a bazillion times wondering how we can get our hands on (in?) those giganto fingernail rings she rocks like a pro. Well, wonder no more, for these beauties—namely Laruicci Man Eater Claws—are officially available! We're also mad for the Bijules Short Nail Ring, which is a slightly less cut-your-eye-out version for those of us (HAI) with shorter nails. BUT if you have short nails and want longer ones without the press-on logistics, why not just go for the Topshop Filigree Tip Double Ring that is an accordion/midi ring with a looong, metal fingertip at the end? Or go for a claw and fake fingernail hybrid all soldered together into one with the Miss Wax Come Hither Claw. Um, DONEZO.

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