Dakota Fanning Debuts Pink Ombre Hair!

Dakota Fanning Pink Hair

Dakota Fanning in Beverly Hills on Jan. 17.
Photo: Splash News

Just when we were baaarely getting over the excitement of Selena Gomez's freshly dyed blue ombre 'do, we spotted Dakota Fanning with brand-new pink tips in Beverly Hills yesterday! *GASP* We are so excited. Let the parental freak out commence—unnatural ombre hues are OFFICIALLY becoming a trend. Dakota dip-dyed her blonde locks a shade of watermelon pink, and dang! We love it. We like that she picked more of a pastel hue instead of a bright magenta—it's soft and girly just like Dakota. She paired her new hair with a crisp white button-up shirt, a pumpkin, beige, and brown pleated skirt, and black buckle booties. This is the first time Dakota has done anything super drastic with her hair. She has been rocking long, center-parted golden strands for as long as we can remember. (No, seriously, look at her in 2005 when she was just 11 years old. SAME. EXACT. HAIR.)

We wonder if she took a tip from Katy Perry's cotton candy hue OR if she was just inspired by her rocker role in The Runaways and decided to go for a punkier look. Could she be trying to give herself an edge over her equally stylish (and equally blonde!) younger sis Elle? We could go on guessing for days, but there is something we know for sure about Ms. Fanning. No matter how much she changes up her beauty or style game, at the end of the day she doesn't care what anyone thinks. Props to her for all that confidence, but, um, Dakota, we really do like your new 'do!

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