Justin Bieber Debuts Darker 'Do, Selena Gomez Shows Off Hot Pink Highlights

Justin Bieber Dark Hair

Justin Bieber pre-dye job on Jan. 11.
Photo: Getty Images

Selena Gomez shocked us last week with her bright new bluish-purple ombre tips, and now boyfriend Justin Bieber just dyed his hair dark brown. BREAKING HAIR NEWS ABOUNDS! He showed off his new look while running errands in L.A. this weekend, and we have to say—we like his new look! He traded in his natural dark blonde strands for a chestnut brown 'do, which definitely gives him an older, sophisticated edge that we're into. Rumor has it that he also got a haircut, but we can baaareelly tell from the pics so we're going to plead the fifth on that one. Also, Selena tweeted even MORE pics of her hair and revealed something even WE didn't notice before! Can you guess what it is?

Selena Gomez Hot Pink Hair

Selena Gomez with hot pink highlights.
Photo: Courtesy of @SelenaGomez's Twitter

She got hot pink highlights! Here we thought she was daring just for doing a bit of purple and blue on the ends, but girl COMMITTED to her punky new 'do. She has an entire chunk of magenta peeking through her naturally black strands. We love that Selena went all the way with her new dye job, and, um, we're kinda jealous that she managed to get it so bright on the first try! Remember how long it took for Katy Perry to transition from jet black to cotton candy pink? MONTHS! Props to Sel and her stylist for getting it so right on the first try. *slow clap* Here's hoping Justin will dye a strand of his hair hot pink to match!

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