Shailene Woodley, Solange Knowles, And Kelly Osbourne's Shoes Are Shocking

Shailene Woodley, Solange Knowles, and Kelly Osbourne wear shocking shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Shailene Woodley, Solange Knowles, and Kelly Osbourne all pulled out some eyebrow-raising footwear decisions this week, and we're using this week's Shoe Update to shed some light on them. We've definitely heard of people making fashion statements at red carpet events (*cough* meat dress *cough* egg arrival), but this is a breed of shock factor we're not as familiar with. We're talking about the style choices that aren't necessarily as outrageous as Lady Gaga's awards show theatrics but are shocking enough to drop a jaw or two. I'ts a mysterious purgatorial category, so let's dissect these three ladies and their shoes a little furthur.

In a fashion experiment mid-last year, the MTV Style staff became quite intimate with FILA's Skele-toes and traipsed around the office in the toe-shoes for a very entertaining Day Without Heels. That said, we're well-storied in the comforts of the style, so we can totally feel with Shailene for wanting trade out her heels for these Vibram Five Finger shoes (in classic black, no less) for the InStyle/WB Golden Globes after party. After a night of step-and-repeats and flashbulbs and all on blister-making stilts, there's nothing more appealing than the gel-like innards of these weirdo shoes. But also, shoes that raucous do not go unnoticed. Or un-talked about.

Remember those hilarious Prada shoe boots we told you were coming for fall/winter 2011?? Well, 'tis the season, and it looks like the fashion house has put out a variation that is just "shoe," seen here on newly signed Next Model Solange. Without that "nude" leg part, these red buttoned Mary Janes are actually kind of cute, but the mental A Christmas Story-conjuring image of the OG boots will never flee our minds.

We're actually TOTALLY in love with the Casadei heels Kelly Osbourne wore to the People's Choice Awards. The understated nude on these architectural masterpieces. The cut-out heel and platform. The little wedge of mirror beneath the arch of her foot. How girl is so obviously WORKING in these based on that 90-degree angle created by her heel-to-toe. It's not the shoes themselves that we're shocked about. It's not even the fact that Kelly is able to wear them. It's that she COVERED THEM UP ALL NIGHT, and we didn't set eyes on them until persuing the image wires the morning after the event. (!!!!!!) Those shoes are seriously amazing, girl—show them off!


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